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Waec records another Mass Failure... Or not...

In the news this morning, the newscaster screaming at the top of his voice (speaking in yoruba - a Nigerian language) says "...another mass failure recorded in Waec..." As weird as this might sound, its stale news!

Ever since the inception, well, i should probably not say the inception, but as far back as i can remember... we always record mass failure, and we always recorded thousands of results being withheld and we also always record very low pass mark... and even the so called pass mark is classified into those with good grade (good meaning not less than C) in Mathematics and English and those without these two major courses or deficient in one of either...

According to Guardian News  

28, 817 results withheld... WHY?

A total of 246, 853 candidates (excluding absentees), consisting of 132, 521 male and 114, 332 female candidates sat for the examination. Out of the total number of candidates, 241, 161, representing 97. 69 per cent have their results fully released, while 5, 691 candidates, representing 2. 31 per cent have a few of their subjects still being processed due to some errors mainly traceable to the candidates and cyber cafes in the course of registration or writing the examinationSuch errors are being corrected by the Council to enable the affected candidates get their results.

Well, that is absurd! Because about 70% of these so-called errors will never be corrected...

Of the total number of candidates that sat for the examination, 75, 313 (30. 50 per cent), obtained six credits and above; 110, 346, representing 44. 70 per cent obtained five credits and above. In addition, 145, 036 candidates, representing 58. 75 per cent obtained credits and above in four subjects, while 177, 177, representing 71.77 per cent obtained credits and above in three subjects. A total of 205, 090 candidates (83. 08 per cent) obtained credits and above in two subjects.” 

 “However, a total of 72, 522 candidates, representing 29. 37per cent obtained credits in five subjects and above, including English Language and Mathematics."


" ... compared to the November/December 2012 and 2013 WASSCE (private), there is a marked increase in candidates’ performance. "

Well, those who pass, pass and those who fail, fail. If you took the exam, or are a parent... don't feel so down, the system cannot be trusted to judge the intelligence of you or your wards, so cheer up and face the future... the next try will be better...

And if you did pass, its definitely not the end, not even the beginning... its more like preparation to the beginning, so don't become slack.

To check result use this link: Check result

Source Reference : The Guardian News Online (Emphasis mine)