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Buhari chooses Prof Yemi Osinbajo as running mate | GOOD OR BAD MOVE?

A colleague of mine said "asking a Redeemed pastor to be your running mate is the best move... its full of strategy. "

And when i asked why, the response was "Imagine a rumor spreading that Pastor Adeboye says Buhari is the man God has chosen... that is all Buhari needs. Before people realize its a rumor, the effect will not be reversible... and besides, Redeem is the largest congregation of anything.... "

Well, she's right...

Although, i am very skeptical about Buhari bringing change to the country (we've seen the past), and to tell you... i have even spoken against those who choose to campaign for him. I am however optimistic as i have been praying for a better Nigeria.

This is a short one, i'll probably add more to it later...