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YAHOO Keyboard Shortcuts: 

Working with Conversations  

Up/Down Highlight the next Conversation up or down
Comma Highlight the next Conversation up
Full stop Highlight the next Conversation down  
Enter or Return Open a Conversation
Spacebar Tick/Untick a Conversation  
R Reply to a Conversation  
A Reply all to a Conversation  
F Forward a Conversation  
K Mark as read/unread  
L Star/Unstar a Conversation
Ctrl+A Select all Conversations in view  
Ctrl+Up/Down Move focus up or down the list (preserving selection)  
D Open Move menu  
D then number Move Conversation(s) to one of your first 9 folders
Ctrl+Shift+E Create a new folder  
D then Ctrl+Shift+E Move Conversation(s) to a new folder  
Shift+A Add sender to contacts  
[left arrow] Previous conversation
[right arrow] Next conversation  

Working with individual Cards in a Conversation  

Comma Highlight the previous Card within a Conversation
Full stop Highlight the next Card within a Conversation  
Enter, Spacebar Expand/collapse a Card  
Z then R Reply to a Card  
Z then A Reply all to a Card
Z then F Forward a Card  
Z then K Mark a Card as read/unread  
Z then L Star/unstar a Card
Shift+R View or hide the reply bar

General Commands  

M Check mail (jumps to Inbox)
Shift+M Check all mail (includes POP accounts)
N Start a new email Conversation  
I Start a new Instant Message (IM)  
T Start a new SMS message (text)  
V Toggle Preview Pane  
S Search  


Ctrl+Shift+U Attach files (one at a time)
Ctrl+S Save as a draft
Ctrl+Enter Send message

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