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I started web development a few years back, and i was (and still am) a "do it the hard way" kind of developer.

Like i would develop my code library instead of using an already made library, i would write my css instead of use bootstrap, i would write every bit of code instead of using wordpress, i even made a custom cms at some point. And to the extreme that, i try not to reuse my code, like something used for another project on a new project (yeah, i was like that), a friend called me "obstinate developer"... lol

I believed that doing the same thing over and over again makes you better at it, so if you write the code over and over again, you learn new things, better ways to do it, etc...

(i'm going to continue with that line of thought later)

About two years ago, i worked with a fast pace company, this means, the boss expected you to be done with the project yesterday. No matter the complexity (to you), he expects a few clicks and taps on the keyboard and like magic its ready (probably due to too much moves - i blame Hollywood, Nollywood and other woods around the world).

Anyway, i didn't have a choice than to find faster ways to do things, hence, i had to let go of hard coding, and embrace Wordpress and other easy to use tools.

However, i don't regret learning the hard way, i don't regret creating my libraries, or creating a custom CMS... And till now, when i have the time, i do prefer doing it all myself. But when time does not permit, i go the easy and fast way.

So, i would advice anyone who wants to become a developer / programmer to go the hard way, learn the codes... don't just copy and use other people's code, try to understand every bit of it (well, ofcourse, copying other peoples code isn't wrong, however, i think not understanding or attempting to understand is wrong). Because if you can learn the hard stuff, the easy stuff becomes child play to you.

And don't get me wrong, i'm not saying Wordpress or any other CMS is so easy (they have their level of complexity too), however, a language is used for such CMS (like php for wordpress), i'm just saying; learn the language before using the tools created with the language.

What is wordpress? What are its uses? Its advantages? How to get started? I'll be able to answer all these in my next post.