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Wordpress as we have already established is a fast growing Content Management System (CMS).

Before we go into wordpress installation, i'll take a few minutes to explain domain name and hosting... this is going to be a very boring post (for those that already know), or a very interesting one (for those who don't know), so, my advice, if you are confident of your knowledge of the concept of hosting and domain name management, you can skip to the next post... or maybe just read this too, i mean its just a few minutes of your time...

A domain name is like an address (for more technical explanation, click here), pointing to a specific part of a larger house (or server).

For example, in an imaginary shopping complex, there are 70 shops (or offices) identified by SO1 to SO70, Mr. A rents shop (office) - SO1.

He needs his "customers" or "potential customers" to be able to find him without going through much trouble, so, he needs to be as specific as possible.

Hence, Mr. A writes this on his business card: Agile Shopping complex (name of our imaginary complex), Shop 1 (SO1). With this, his clients will be able to locate him without going through each of the 70 shops. ok, i do believe you understand what i just explained (or tried explaining), if not, its ok... keep reading.

So, domain name is the "address" pointing to a particular section (Shop 1 - OS1) of the server (the shopping complex) holding your content. Thats clear right?

You should also note:

1. A domain name is made of 3 main sections, www (indicating world wide web - basically means its online), the name, and then the "extension" or suffix (.com, .gov, .net etc).
2. You can register a domain and not use it
3. You cannot have a website without a domain.

Installing Wordpress

I'll be working with this hosting company, though i believe the procedure is usually the same for most companies or very similar.

For the installation procedure, read this or this

Trouble with installation, drop a comment...