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PHP Tutorial Series...

   echo "Hello.." ;

As promised, the tutorial series on PHP Data Object (PDO) is starting this week.

You need the following to be able to maximize this tutorial series:

1. Basic knowledge of PHP procedural (Object Oriented PHP - OOP is an added advantage)
2. Basic knowledge of MySQL CRUD statements. 
3. The following configuration
     Apache : 2.4.9
     MySQL : 5.6.17
     PHP : 5.5.12
     PHPMyAdmin : 4.1.14 

The configuration above is not rigid, i asked for it because that's what i'll be using. If your version is a little lower than mine, i guess you'll be fine... but i always encourage frequent updates, so this might be a good time to update.

Since this is not a video or audio tutorial, i assume some part might not be immediately understood, i encourage you to read over and follow comments and code samples, but if any part seems unclear to you, feel free to post a comment on this blog.

Please note that this series is not for beginners, and so i might not respond to beginner questions. Hopefully, soon, i'll run a series on Beginning PHP Development or PHP Programming for dummy... :)

Don't forget to share.