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Oprah No Longer the Richest Black Woman; Replaced by Folorunsho Alakija


Meet Folorunsho Alakija,  the richest black woman in the world. According to Ventures Africa, she bested Oprah by $500 million. Alakija is estimated to worth $3.3 billion and at last count, Oprah’s in the neighborhood of about $2.7 billion, according to Forbes Magazine. 

Would you believe the now billionaire Nigerian oil baroness and fashion entrepreneur started her career as a secretary at a bank in Nigeria?  And she didn't even have much of formal education... And she is a Nigerian!...

When she moved to England in the 80’s she studied fashion and eventually ended up starting her line called “Supreme Stitches”.

The 62 year old did well with her fashion brand but the bulk of her fortune comes from the oil business. Her company Famfa Ltd got an oil exploration license and they attained a 617,000-acre oil block which was highly lucrative.

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