Friday, May 22, 2015


Everyone’s heard of spam as it pertains to emails. Spam isn’t necessarily a malicious message designed to trick you into revealing your credit card number or PayPal login information.

But spam is an unsolicited message, sometimes referred to as junk mail. Spam can be very annoying and relentless in nature, often attempting to convince you to buy something. Sometimes these messages are untruthful, such as those advertising human growth hormone pills (when they actually contain nothing of the sort). Spam also includes phishing which are messages designed to trick you into giving up personal information. Other messages can be legitimate advertisements—nevertheless, you did NOT ask for these solicitations.

Malware Spreads Through Facebook Tag Scam

Intel security has recently observed a malware spreading through Facebook. This type of malware is not new, but it keeps evolving using new spreading mechanisms.

A few days ago, we came across a Facebook post with this subject:

[Username] shared a link – with [Another username] and 19 others

The link was disguised as a pornographic video to entice viewers. We have found that a number of people are infected by this malware.


You can’t be at your best in a mess. Neither can your computer.
Mounting clutter, protruding wires and other workspace chaos can put stress on PCs and cause unfortunate accidents. Computers perform better and are more stable in clean, organized desk environments.
Wondering if your work area is safe for your computer? Read on for how to best organize your workspace so that your PC can work at peak performance.